Discover the full range of PCD and HM tools from Utensil Centro

For over forty years, we have been producing polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide tools for machining wood, aluminium, plastic materials and composites.


Versatile, safe, cutting-edge tools

Discover the technical characteristics of our products:
  • Diamond Tools
  • HM Saw Blades
  • Router Tools
  • Solid Carbide Spiral Cutters
  • Dowel Drills
  • Brazed Tools
  • Mechanical Fixing Tools
  • Spare Parts

What will you find in the catalogue?

Product descriptions and technical details, including information on feed speeds, recommended materials, evaluations of tool service life and recommended RPM for each tool.

Precision solutions for the future of industry

The world of industry calls for precision, reliability and innovation. And Utensil Centro, with its high-quality tools, meets the needs of companies operating in the furniture, automotive and aerospace sectors.